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The Bluebird

My internet connection has apparently decided to get old and slow, so for a few days it has been hard to check email, much less upload photos.  Hard, as in, painstaking, since waiting on computers to do their thing is not an area in which I'm particularly patient.  That's my excuse for leaving you without a post yesterday (so sorry!).

Now that I can finally post, I hesitate to share more bird photos, as this is still not a bird blog, but, you see, I simply cannot resist this fella...

bluebird by you.

I have waited two years to get a shot of a bluebird. Two years!  I missed catching them with the camera one year, and the second year none came to our little tree.  Yesterday morning, when our little guy came running down the hallway, shouting that my favorite bird is in the low tree outside the kitchen window (the one we encourage birds to visit by keeping the feeders full and the cats away), I was relieved to find my camera battery charged and even more relieved to find a curious yet tolerant model.

bluebird4 by you.

I wish I could rub him against my cheek and give him a little squeeze, don't you?  What a beauty!  He thought of moving into the birdhouse,

Bluebird contemplating moving in

but I'd rather he didn't.  I'm not sure we can keep the cats away 24/7 and nothing would be sadder than seeing our little bluebird hurt. 

Do bluebirds come your way in the Spring?  If so, I think this is a hopeful Springy sign for you!   They don't stay with us - he'll be on his way to make someone else happy in a month or two.

bluebird2 by you.

(By the way, please feel free to correct me on "him," "bluebird," and on how he/it travels.  I'd love to know more details!)