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This Reindeer is Not Rudolph

We found a pair of Reindeer. 

reindeer by you.

Neither one is Rudolph, I'm pretty sure. We are no where near the North Pole, and on our balmy subtropical December days like today (75 degrees), I wonder if they wonder where in the world their Santa is?

The pair was at our local Christmas tree farm.  They weren't very friendly or very pretty (sorry.  it's true.).  I moved on to other views...

christmas tree by you.

It was a (very. hard.) choice, but we ended up with a Carolina Sapphire tree, a live one, one that we don't have to say goodbye to when Christmas is over.  That makes our little gal happy, as she's become quite attached to the tree.  We'll plant it in the back yard.

She assumes it will always be "pretty" (meaning, it will always be full of her and her siblings' handmade ornaments-and-whatnots they put on it.  It is quite a jumbled-up-happy-messy sight!).  I haven't broken the news to her that the tree will be planted naked.

Daddy can let her know.