Flat Broke
Maybe She's Born With It.

Fuzzy Things, Soft Things, Spinning Things

Saturday and Sunday were National Alpaca Farm Days.  Did you know that?  No?  Well, they were. 

There is an alpaca farm just two miles up the road from us.  This....is an alpaca, in case you didn't know.

alpaca2 by you.

Purty, no? 

But I'm not so sure about this one...

alpaca3 by you.

Still, as I say to my (human) girls regularly, All Girls are Beautiful.  If God, the Artist, thought it was Good, then who are we to say his art is ugly?

(Transparent sidebar moment that I can't believe I'm typing, but the above reminded me of it:  Our Little Gal was watching me exercise in an unbecoming pose - that's my excuse - this morning and in all her five-year-old honesty said, "Mama, I know God made you that way, but you have a fat bum.")

These two are watching my girl (the one who is old enough to never say anything about her mama's bum) in the background...

watching over the farm

So I came around and shot them from the front.  Yes, of course, I shot them with the camera

the girls by you.

Don't they look like a couple of gossips?  I'll bet they're assessing our gal and the grey one is telling the other that All Girls are Beautiful.  Even human girls without fur.

My favorite, very favorite part of Alpaca Farm Day(s) is the spinners.  The kids and my man can go on and enjoy those alpacas all they want. I just want to plop myself down by the spinners for the rest of the day.  Oh, and no, we are not speaking of spinning as in exerciseThat would not be something I'd plop down to watch - or do - for fun.  This is what I mean...

spinner by you.

Isn't it all so beautiful and inspiring?  The wheel, the socks that match her blouse, the white apron, the fiber, the yarn, the HP box...um, okay, never mind that one...  Here is where I could stay all day.


This lovely couple invited me to come back the next day to try my hand at spinning.  I did and I loved it and now I am so very excited about what is on its way in the mail to me.  So. Very. Excited.  But I'll tell you later about that.

alpaca yarn