Shots: This is Why I Have to Take 100 Photos Every Time
Ack! The Little Ones Want to Knit, Too

Project: Tuesday Afternoon Knitting Class

Every Tuesday afternoon, if you're at the right house at the right time, you'll see a group of young ladies doing this:

Knitting Pals

Our 10 year old ballerina is on the left.  She's knitting a blue hat for her little sister's birthday next week.   I wish I had taken photos of her first attempts to show her how far she's come in the past two months of knitting, frogging*, purling, and more (much, much more) frogging. 

Her stitches are so pretty and even now.

Persistence paid off. 

Her 9 year old friend is pretty advanced (her mama is our knitting teacher).  She has finished many projects and is now working on a pink fuzzy sweater.

Isn't it the prettiest sight to see these girls knitting?  I love to watch young ladies climb tree forts and get muddy with their brothers, but I really love seeing them at work on handicrafts.   It makes my heart go pit-pat.

There is just something so "through the ages" about a knitting circle or a quilting bee or getting together to bake.  We are passing onto our daughters what generations before passed onto us. 

When we teach our daughters, we're not allowing the arts, no matter how domestic or humble, to be forgotten.


*frogging:  "rip it" (out), "rip it" (out)